by Jodi Summers For all of you expansive-thinking industrialists and industrial investors – a very interesting piece of real estate is coming online…the Port of Long Beach is seeking new ways to use the largely undeveloped 150-acre Pier S to help move cargo more efficiently. Harbor Department officials are soliciting input on potential uses from […]

urban infill industrial

by Jodi Summers While bulk distribution facilities located at major transportation hubs in the U.S. have become a hot property type for big-time investor and developers, people you and me have been choosing smaller, urban light industrial as the next best bet for near-term growth. These small facilities historically outperformed larger distribution centers in terms […]

2015 Industrial Construction is concentrated

by Jodi Summers With demand again projected to outpace supply, 2015 is look like another strong year for the U.S. industrial market. Declining availability and rising rents are expected to push rents up 4%-5% during this year, notes the CBRE 2015 U.S. Industrial Outlook. Increased rents coincide with the rise of U.S. manufacturing > production […]

Urban Oilfield

by Jodi Summers The Inglewood Oil Fields, are part of the Southern California fabric. Oil has been part of the local color as far back as 1543, when Native Southern Californians used tar for decorating and to waterproof canes and baskets. During the Gold Rush years prior to statehood, travelers moving along a popular route […]

by Jodi Summers Murals, sculptures and landscaping are all ways for a neighborhood to forge a collective identity, stimulate learning, instill a sense of pride and invites business. Thank you to the grass roots movement, Beautify Lincoln. Since 2012, this team of volunteer artists have painted murals on more than 20 storefronts on Lincoln Blvd […]

fish changing bowls

by Yasir Billoo Business leases (also known as commercial leases) are increasing in complexity and length, with the potential for many pitfalls if the reviewer is not careful. Here are some of the most important considerations for potential tenants of all commercial leases: Personal Guaranty Landlords often require one or more personal guaranty of the […]